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CraigL started this conversation

I like to do volunteer work and help with children that lack basic needs in Minnesota.  I love children, but have none of my own.  I have helped out several single parent familes around the holidays for the past few years.  I've found that some families need ongoing help all year and not just at the holiday season.  I have been a public school employee for 24 years, and serve on a local church board.  I prefer to help someone directly without going through an organization.  I've done volunteer work before for organizations and was surprised at how much of the donated funding was spent on administrative expenses, and how little went to the recipients.   I really like the concept of Aidpage. 

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Hello CraigL, I am new to this site and I have a dilema. A bank loan got paid off and it made my rent payment bounce. I told the property management company that I can give them 3 payments over the next three weeks, but they gave me only until Friday. Can you or do you know of anyone that can loan me the money and I can pay back over the next three weeks?
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 in response to cjd102...   Why? Because he sent me a private message offering to help me within a few minutes after logging into Aidpage as a new user. Anyone who views my page can clearly see that I'm not asking anyone for help. I've seen this type of thing before. They try to get personal information out of you, so they can scam you. No one is going to log in here as a new user and offer free money to someone without even reading their page or researching the need.
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why did u say the darby guy is a scam?
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family seeking miracle

Dear craig i just read your message at digital charity. Ive been trying to find a real site that actually helps people in need and doesnt try to scam them. what you wrote makes me believe there are still people out there that have a heart in this world. this is the first time that ive ever looked on line for charities or for people to help. This is the last and only thing that i have left. Im writing this because i dont know what to do at this point. I am a mother of 2 chidren 2 girls 11 and 6 I also have my 7 year old nephew whos lives with us Right now me my husband and chidren are living with my husbands parents. We moved in with them about a year go when we both lost our jobs. we were cleaning out foreclsed homes and lost our accounts and we did not know that when you are a subcontracter you can not get unemployment. so that was the start of how we ended up in the situation were in now. So at that point we had no income at all and could not find a job. we did odd jobs here and there but never had anything permanent. so therefore we lost our house, and car. Thank God for my in laws they let us move in with them, but theres 6 of us living in a 3 bedroom house its deffinitely cramped but we manage. The problem is both of my in laws are sick and on disability. my mother in law has rhaumatoid arthritis and my father in law is in remission from throat cancer and also has chronic copd. between the 2 of them they get 1850 a month. rent is 725 water is 130 electric is 280 car 300 car insurance 80 a month also pay every month for our tv, kids dresser and the washer so that payment is 285 a month which leaves about 50.00 left but that goes for medications food, gas,not to mention all the regular necessities,by the second week of the month we have no money and if we have any unexpected emergency or the kids need stuff for school or clothes or i need my medecines i also have rheumatoid arthritis and have chronic migraines most months i go without my medecines cause we dont have the money. well back in august i got a job i made 7.50 an hour and i was working 40 hrs a week. i was making about 200 a week not a huge amount of money but it definitely helped contribute to the bills well then in oct my husband got a job hes was working 20 hrs a week and making about 100 a week so that was great things started looking up. my husband and i bought ourselves a cheap car so we could get to work and my inlaws had a car at the house in case something happened. During that time it definitely took a strain off all the stress and worry in the house especially for my in laws. It felt so good to finally be able to contrbute to the household and for once my inlaws actually had a couple dollars left for themselves for the month. plus it felt so good for me and my husband to finally be working and start feeling like a mother and a father again,taking care of our kids like were supposed it cut the tension in house not having to worry and struggle with how were going to pay everything each month. that starts to take a toll on all relationships no matter how much you love eachother.Well just when things start to seem like there falling in place it happened again both me and my husband got laid off again a week before christmas, not to mention our car blew up so that leaves us back in this terrible financial situation again. This time i actually get unemployment benefits but its only 56.00 a week im just waiting for them to pay me they havent given me a date yet. i couldnt believe when they said i qualify for 56.00 a week what do they expect you to do with that , i mean i shouldnt complain especially since i dont have a dollar to my name and i check that nesc website everyday to see if they put that money on my card. well my husband didnt work long enough to qualify for benefits so that really sucks. we still havent found jobs yet and this month we havent had the money to pay our rent our tv ,kids dresser ,washer yet because my in laws overdrafted there account for the month due to an unexpected emergency. my in laws car broke down and considering that is our only way of transportation we had no choice but to fix it so with all the fees taken out we only paid the electric bill car, car insurance,and we dont have enough money to pay our rent and tv, kids dresser or washer but all i care about is the rent we can manage without the other things but i just dont want to loose our home thats all we have.and honestly i dont know where we will we have no money to move in to another place. and through the past year i have sold everything of value in our home just to make it. I would sell the car at this point but it has a loan on it.I have been to dss christian ministries, salvation army to other housing places in our area but none of them can help because we no lease we go month to month even though my lanlord wrote a letter but that was not enough they needed an eviction notice and my lanlord wont go through that trouble since its month to month.they would not pay my other bills because there not considered a necessity and i can definitely understand that. but the only thing i care about is not having our whole family living on the street in the cold. were already 8 days late on our rent and he said we only have until 1-11-11 to come up with the money or we have to move. i know this isnt giving alot of notice but ive never even considered asking strangers for any help but i dont know what else to do. i cant tell you when i could pay you back. i know when i get my taxes done i always get a refund. but right now thats the only for sure thing i can count on for getting any money. but that wont be until february. unless me or my husband get a job by then.and i can only pray that will and my husband will work as long as we have to doing anything we have to. and i know you wrote you dont like to help people you dont know because youve gotten scamed but maybe you have some friends in nc that we could work for so we could work it off.or you know of anyone else that could help our family. we will do anything.please im putting me and my family at your mercy. when you read this please think about if this were happening to your family. what would you do! we will do anything to keep our family in this house. please if you can help or know anyone that can please email me as soon as you can we only have 2 days left. you have no idea how much this would mean to us. and we would do whatever we have to do so you can verify this information you can talk to my landlord, family members i will fax you all my bills whatever you need me to do i will do. believe me this is no scam and we are very desperate. thank you for listening Danielle

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I sure will,but I encourage you to look under the heading of free or almost free vehicles ans see if there are any in your area. Good Luck and God Bless

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 in response to Mistyrose7...   


Have you tried dial a ride or the bus system and I know it is hard as I have a car but no money to fix it..Many people here on this page do not have a lot of money and I know one working full time and needs extra work for unexpected bills.. Do try some of the links here and it is no guarnettee that it will help you.. okay just so you know...

Best wishes


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I am hopeless with no car. I need a donation of a running car.

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 in response to Starshine...   I am in North Jersey, That's the big problem, I need a car to work, I am severely depressed about my problem. Some people have so much money all I need is $600 for license restortion and a car that runs.
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 in response to Schmidty...   I checked out a couple already! I know about hospitals, main thing I need to work and can't get around to interview! If you hear of anything let me know
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 in response to Mistyrose7...   Yes, I have listings on my blog that you can check.Just click on my picture and you will be taken there.You can also get there by
You can also look for Soulights blog page she has listings also , Starshine has some I'm sure she'll give to you. Contact your hospital services department they will come get youand your son and take you back home, or they should anyway. Good Luck and God Bless
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 in response to Mistyrose7...   Hello and what city and state are you in?

If you are working try
I hope that helps some
wishing you the best
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 in response to Schmidty...   I have no car! I need a running car, don't care what it looks like. I can't describe the depression I feel, I am all alone with a mentally ill 16 yo and have always driven had a vehicle since 17, I am 48. Do you have any resourses (current) that help. I feel hopeless and just need $600 to restore my license and then a car that runs. It would give me my life back. phone #973-492-1492, email
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 in response to gamedawgz3...   

Both you and your dad may be entitled to unemployment benefits

also check with social services for additional assistance - food stamps, liheap, TANF, medicaid....

other organizations like catholic charities, st vincent de paul, red cross, united way, local churches and food pantries may be able to help with other necessities and utility assitance.

211 is not available in your area, but the local united way should be able to help you locate additional services and organizations - their information is below.. I have links to additional national organizations on my home page... 

United Way of Southwestern Oregon
PO Box 1288
Coos Bay, OR 97420-0324
(541) 267-5202 

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Hello, my name is Kristina im 21 years old and i live in oregon 

and i know what your going through, cause i'm going through the same thing

my dad and i work at a deli  he worked there for like 9months and i worked there 3 1/2 years and my dad got sick we both took a medical leave and now we no income at all and i dont what do.
i have the same thing going on  power bill due,  everything due.. 

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 in response to gigime1007...   

What kind of aid do you need? I have listings that help find resources that most don't know about.The others on here have great advice on other subjects and even on the same subjects.

There are some who just read and help in their way, quiet and mysterious, others come right out and tell you what they can and will do.

So, What's your flavour??

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 in response to CraigL...   Thanks, I will ad it to my list. I wish everyone who knows of other orginizations, compaines or foundations would come forth and let me ad it to the listIt would be a benefit to us all.
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 in response to Schmidty...   

Thanks for the information. I try to reach out to those I can help in my community. There were a few sites on your list I have never heard of. I'll add those to my favorites list. Here is another site that is not on your list that I find helpful.


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To help out some of the people you are trying to help, this maybe of help to you.

contact the Salvation Army?

contact the Catholic Charties?

contact General Assistance?

 contact the UnitedWay?

You can also try:










Good luck and god Bless

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HI. My name is Samantha and i'm a single divorced mother of a handsome 8yr old son and beautiful 5yr old daughter of which are smart as a whip with the world at their fingertips! 

However, I am disabled due to a spinal disease that immobilizes me graetly and liver disease that keeps me sick often. I am trying to manage both issues and am starting treatments soon to try and beat the liver disease.    My problem is that with an income of 694.00 monthly and no financial, emotional nor physical help for my kids from the ex-husband it has been very difficult to provide simple stabilities such as a home, food and utilities.  I was hoping to start classes at the local community college in the fall to try and beat this future strarting at me, but I got my electric shut off 2 weeks ago and then last week i became homeless ( not being able to keep up with payments).  I have been making phone calls and doing searches endlessly since but to no avail,   CAN ANYONE help point me in another direction because I am slowly becoming hopeless and i'm losing my mind with too man anxiety attacks!


Thank you  and god bless u all

feel free to contact me at 717-884-1332 if u can help my direction

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god bless you for what you do hi i am shirlee from ireland .... glad to meet you

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